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Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

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Freezing in Morocco

I had to get out of Fontainebleau because it was so cold and there was nothing to do. Went to the nearest place where I thought I’d find a bit of sunshine. So I showed up to Marrakesh in my t-shirt. Probably should have googled first.

Crossing over the mountains, less than two hours outside the city we were actually hit by a blizzard. Even colder than France. Luckily I found a place selling goat wool hoodies (with a particularly pointy hood) that would serve to keep me warm.

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Catch-22 of IT Outsourcing in Vietnam

More than six months have passed since the Flappy Bird phenomenon, but international eyes are still on Hanoi and half the country is still wondering what to make of it. Over the weekend, I attended an event to speak about trends in Information Technology in Vietnam and the effect of globalisation on the industry. The discussion turned towards the different flavours of software development, and how the rapid growth of the IT outsourcing industry, paradoxically perhaps, might actually prevent an innovative indigenous technology sector from emerging.

Several months ago, I was interviewed on the news in Vietnam about some similar topics relating my experience with creative software development in the region, my thoughts on the future of the IT sector in Vietnam and whether the target of having 1 million people working in the IT sector in Vietnam by 2020 could be achieved. I was thrown by...

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Now I am a Boiled Prawn

Writing this post is a sensitive task for me. Every word I type causes painful feelings. Not for any sentimental reasons, but because each keystroke sends a shiver of discomfort through my sun-charred, aloe-vera soaked arms. My back and shoulders are covered in blisters and my face is swollen and red. The worst sunburn of my life? Maybe the second worst.

Despite the agony, I am smiling as I think back to the cause of this distress. An hour baking on the bow of a speedboat crashing through the Indian ocean, the heat of the sun offset by a cool, stiff breeze. I knew I would pay the consequences, but I was immobilised by the sheer sense of freedom and satisfaction. I just sat there with a smile on my carbonising face.

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the whale shark. I think that deserves capitalisation. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by...

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